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Greencollar – Sales origination, project delivery, integration and reporting services

Greencollar has been at the forefront of helping farmers and graziers identify and create commercial opportunities through projects that enhance their productive enterprise.

We provided Greencollar an analytics and reporting solution that included the development of data maturity, data cleansing and multi-source data integration to provide reporting visibility across the sales process and project delivery practices.

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Our Mojo


Turning complexity into simplicity is our day job.


Time is precious, we help teams find more of it in their day.

Fit for purpose

Adding value in the right places.

Customer service

Done well and with passion.


Our way of work is characterised by a disciplined yet adaptive approach to create fit-for-purpose solutions. The collective skill and imagination of the people tasked with doing the work, united under a common objective, is where the Mojo happens.

We listen

All of our engagements start with listening to customer needs and identifying the current state across solutions, process and people capabilities.

We set a vision

We collectively define a vision of what success looks like, and agree on how we'll get there.

We deliver as a team

Shoulder-to-shoulder with our customer, we deliver the changes and realise the shared vision.

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