About Us

Mojo Soup consulting is a trusted provider of solutions that bring teams together. Our team is focused on providing our customers an organic, sustainable relationship that delivers positive outcomes.

Our Mojo


Turning complexity into simplicity is our day job


Time is precious, we help teams find more of it in their day.

Fit for Purpose

Adding value in the right places.

Customer Service

Done well and with passion.

Our Vision

Solutions that bring teams together

Our Mission

Partnering with our customers to deliver solutions that bring their teams together. Constantly evolving our service and product offering to ensure we stay relevant and partnered long term.

Who We Are

We are often asked what the name means. "Mojo" is the essence of the individual, that thing that makes them unique. When you make "Soup", you mix many things together and let it brew. So you end up with the essence of the individual expressed in the eclectic (bringing together of many things).

How does this relate to the work we do? Successful projects, programs and portfolios get delivered when teams come together, united under a common objective, at Mojo Soup we enable those teams with technology.

This is our launching point, this is our common objective.

How we came to be

The name Mojo Soup comes directly from a local jazz band that our founding Director David Lockie played in called ‘Mojo Soup and the Eclectic Rhythm’, which from all accounts, specialised in bringing many parts together to form a audible smorgasboard of sound. Mojo Soup the organisation, was later formed with the same mantra and so inherited part of the band's name and what we call the essence.

Meet the Team

Mojo Soup was formed to provide the essence and team work required to deliver solutions for customers in a collaborative manner.

David Lockie


“Delivering solutions that bring teams together is my passion. Utilising technology to support and transform the way we work is a key enabler. Using data makes it measurable and visualisation makes it meaningful.”

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Euan Kennedy


“In situations where there’s lots of complexity, I revel in the challenge of collaborating with interested stakeholders to find the simple, the elegant and the sustainable solution. It’s so rewarding to leverage technology to achieve this.”

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Ben Chambers

Associate Director

“Simplifying the complex, identifying value and delivering on promises are my simple set of values that steer me from day to day”

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Tony Gray

Principal Consultant

“I find great value in understanding the detail that delivers front end value for customers when delivering technical solutions”

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Kat Lee

Senior Consultant

“I am passionate about making meaningful connections with my clients. I excel in helping clients utilise their data insights to paint a picture of their successes and shortcomings in order to achieve goals.”

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Daniel Monger

Power Platform Senior Consultant

“I take pride in ensuring the details of an endeavor are understood, so as to ensure a solution is fit for purpose.”

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Sumesh Dayaram

Power BI Senior Consultant

"Data patterns and relationships intrigue me, this is what drives my passion for turning data into valuable information and key insights"

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William Watfeh

Power Platform Consultant

“Helping Businesses work smarter not harder, at a time where we have smart technology, be better be smart!”

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Mahak Jain

M365 and SharePoint Consultant

“Listen, understand, analyse problems and deliver solutions that are effective, efficient and productive."

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Rob Dalla

Developer and Technical Specialist

“In a nutshell my job is to humanise technology in providing solutions to connect the end-user's interaction with Mojo Soup services and products."

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Wil van der Merwe

Senior Associate

“I am a tech savvy consultant and servant leader that enjoys the opportunities created by changing environments involving people, process and technology.”

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