Greencollar – Sales origination, project delivery, integration and reporting services

The Opportunity:

Greencollar has been at the forefront of helping farmers and graziers identify and create commercial opportunities through projects that enhance their productive enterprise.

The Solution:

We provided Greencollar an analytics and reporting solution that included the development of data maturity, data cleansing and multi-source data integration to provide reporting visibility across the sales process and project delivery practices.

The Result:

Mojo Soup provided the following services:

Configuration of Capsule CRM to align with their sales origination process which included custom fields, tracks, milestones, tasks and notifications.

Configuration of project delivery schedule templates within SmartSheets to support their project management practices.

Integration of Capsule CRM, SmartSheets, on-premise MySQL and DropBox using Zapier to automate data flow and business process requirements.

Design and develop PowerBI reports and dashboards that combine data from various systems and enable interactive and drill-down exploration of their enterprise data.