Collaborating on Tasks in Project for the Web

Written by Daniel Monger


Have you ever wanted to have conversations around tasks in Project for the Web (PftW)? This is now possible in a feature recently added to PftW. On the task information panes, you will see the Conversation section as seen below when using the task details section in PftW UI:

From the Grid or Timeline task information view:


From the Board task information view:


This option does not appear when creating a Project directly in the Teams app. As you can see in the screenshots, the project does need to be added to a Teams channel to use the conversation feature. Click the button “Add this project to a team” to launch the Teams app:

Note – The project needs to belong to a team prior to using the conversation function


Click “Add to a team” and start typing then select the correct team in Teams:


Now click the “Set up a tab” button. Now select the and click Save:



Now the project is added to a Teams channel. Back in the PftW interface, refresh the page and access the Task information for a task and notice the option in the Conversation section now has an “Open in Teams” button:


Clicking the ‘Open in Teams’ button will take you to Microsoft Teams with that task open as seen below:


You can then have a conversation in Teams that is associated to that task – the link in the chat will take you to that task:


In the Project for the web UI, you can’t see the conversation, all you see is the speech bubble in the Quick look column to indicate there is a conversation:


In Microsoft Teams, the conversation appears in the Posts tab in the Channel where the Project tab was created. You can continue the conversation from the Posts tab or from the Project tab, to load the conversation in the Projects tab, click the task menu then “View task conversation” or click the speech bubble in the Quick look column.


You can start a new conversation for a task from the Project Team app – there is a new option on the Task menu:


Another great addition to PftW to improve team collaboration, making use of the Microsoft Teams conversation feature.