The Importance of CX at Mojo Soup

Written by Kat Lee


Customer Experience (CX) is critical to understand the needs of your target market or audience. Hearing directly from your customers will be beneficial for your business. Without taking the time to listen to your customers, your idea of what they think of you could be clouded in your own biases, whether positive or negative.


Instead of constantly pondering ‘I wonder how much our customers enjoy working with us’ or ‘I think that project went well for our customer,’ why not actually ask them what they think? For us at Mojo Soup, this thought process is what kickstarted our CX program.


We developed our CX program with the aim to create structure around our customer insights so we could constantly improve the service we provide and grow alongside our customers. We have committed to baselining our Net Promotor Score (NPS) and set a target for what we hope to achieve in the coming year(s). To date, our customers have been very receptive to having conversations about their experience working with us or what they would change about our working arrangement.


By taking the time to ask our customers simple questions like “what is it like working with us?” we not only identified our areas of improvement but also validated the things our customers like the most about our way of work and our brand. This has also helped us to marry up how we see our brand versus how our target market sees our brand.


Now that we have greater direct insights from the people we work with, we can start creating better content to suit their needs and address concerns we didn’t even know existed. We are proud to be customer-led and customer-focused and could not be more excited to continue gathering feedback from the people that make our jobs worthwhile.