Guest Access for Project for the Web

Written by Daniel Monger


Project for the Web has had another desired feature release that will help with collaboration. Guest users added to your tenant can now be given access to your project plans in Project for the web. Here is a quick demo on how this is done:


I have invited an external user to my tenant already.



Note, the guest user will also need to be added to the Microsoft 365 group for the project to allow them access to the project. At the time of writing this, you need to add the user via the Outlook groups menu.



Guests: How to access a project


Guests can access a project in two ways:


  • Use the specific project URL: To find your organization’s domain name, look at a group member’s email address for the name after the @ symbol. For example,
  • Go to select  Sign-in options, choose  Sign in to an organization,type the organization’s domain name, and then use your guest credentials to sign in.


For more information, go to Guest access now available in Project for the Web! – Microsoft Tech Community