How do you know your team’s available capacity to do work?

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One of the age old issues of managing a team of operational staff is understanding their capacity to do more work, or at the very least, the work you expect them to be doing.  Many of us have been in senior roles that include delivering beyond expected outcomes that are only possible if you have a team of people to progress said outcomes…or a budget to get the outcomes delivered using external help.  Typically we would look inwards as a first pass to confirm if we can get ‘more’ work done, this is cheaper, you know your people and what they can do, and you don’t have to manage a procurement or invoicing process with an external source.

But what lens do you use to assess your teams capacity to do ‘more’ work assuming you don’t have a work management platform?

  • You could look backwards at HR records, KPI’s and P&L’s to confirm if you have enough people, or
  • You ask your team if they could deliver ‘more’ work, or
  • You could just let them know they now have ‘more’ work but no additional time (that’s always fun…)

Neither of these approaches are very effective or fact based when looking forward and forecasting if your team can do more work.  However there are some very basic principles around turning the subjective to objective when it comes to available capacity with very few variables in the equation.

There are 2 basic inputs needed to confirm available capacity:

  1. Working hours (per day or week), and
  2. Demand (workload), and
  3. Available capacity

So the equation is simple, Working Hours – Demand = Available Capacity.  Whilst the first input of ‘Working Hours’ is relatively simple to determine based on a resources employment terms, the second item ‘Demand’ is not so simple.  Demand is a calculation of combined effort across all the work a resource has been allocated, problem is, this ‘Demand’ is rarely managed or measured in a single solution…until now.

In the coming weeks we will be introducing our newest Mojo Soup product to our customers that is an evolution of systems made possible by Microsoft’s Power Platform applications. Our Mojo Folio product bridges the gap between work and project management platforms and gives organisations an interface that all levels of user can embrace and use to ensure all work is visible at all times.

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