Incident and Accident management Power App

One of our valued Customers is in the manufacturing industry, and currently manages all of their incidents, near misses, complaints, compliments and improvement requests via a word document template emailed between parties and logged into an Excel spreadsheet…we call this an established but very manual process.

The  Customer wanted to gain some efficiencies in that process and build some confidence in the workflow and record keeping to additionally ensure they comply to strict audit compliance requirements.

Our agreed solution was to provide a SharePoint list Power App for the main user interface to log events, coupled with a mobile optimised Power App for staff to log events on the move with any device. The solution also utilises Power Automate flows to monitor key dates for action deadlines and reviews as required, plus send notifications to key people involved. PowerBI was optimised to deliver analytics to support analysis and allow the company to react to concerns in almost real-time and provide inputs to audits as required.

Using a combination of Power Platform apps, we were able to automate the end to end process and deliver the efficiencies in user experience and reporting that the customer required.


Mojo Soup incident management app