Kicking off a project well!

Sand Hills Moreton Island
written by David Lockie


There is a saying … “start as you intend to finish”, and another favourite of mine “begin with the end in mind”.

Projects come in all shapes and sizes and here at Mojo Soup, we find ourselves working at both extremes, and time and time again, I’m amazed at the impact of a well run project kick-off session!  It sets the tone, quality expectations, and team collaboration dynamic that will put wind in the sails towards a successful outcome.

Here are our 3 keys to starting as you intend to finish:

  1. Clarify everything – make no assumptions that the team (that includes your team and the customer team) know what the project is really trying to achieve. You can never overstate:
    1. the objectives
    2. the journey you are planning to take to get there (some people call that the project plan)
    3. and the Who does What, When context.
  2. Be human – at Mojo Soup, we really value the importance of the essence of every individual being expressed in the eclectic bringing together of many parts.   As a project team (you and customer), intentionally get to know each other to develop empathy for the unique perspective that you each bring to the project.  This is where the magic happens, bring out the collective imagination and skills of those tasked with delivery of the work.
  3. Promote momentum – the beginning is just that, if there are actions and next steps, jump onto it, schedule it, plan it, do it and review it and take the opportunity to share progress regularly with the entire project team.  Ye’ol snowball down the slopes  .. or in Queensland the sandboard down the dunes analogy!

Ready, steady … Go!