Microsoft Power BI and the importance of details

Team input to detailed decisions
written by Naomi Cotton

I am currently building and configuring a business intelligence solution within the Microsoft Power BI platform that integrates the Customer’s project, budget and finance data into one central location.

From this central location we have made it possible for users to access a suite of reports that they will use at the project, program, portfolio and executive levels. These reports leverage Customer business knowledge to design meaningful and informative visualisations that provide a powerful tool for decision making and communication throughout the company.

From a technical standpoint, we have introduced elements to the solution that support trend analysis and visibility of performance changes by taking snapshots of the entire system’s dataset at pre-defined intervals. As the data is wrangled from various sources, processing steps (transformations, cleansing, calculated fields etc…) are configured to ensure the displayed visuals and metrics in the reports are accurate and informative.

I am working alongside my Mojo Soup teammates and the Customer team to establish legacy level calculations and business terminology for the solution going forward. These seemingly small details make a big impact moving forward as they lay the foundation for a robust and mature system.