Making sense of complex PPM Finances

Start making sense of your finances

At Mojo Soup, we recognise that financial management of projects, programs and portfolios is a key PPM function that takes specific capability across people and process to effectively manage costs. Mojo Sense provides a low change impact solution that delivers out of the box capability to perform effective cost management.

Controlled process

Centrally managed

Enabled reporting

Modern User Interface with in-app reporting

Visually review your financial position across whole of life and current year periods with calculated values and administrator-controlled inputs.

All your finances in one place

Related program and project finances can be displayed and reported in a central location giving users full visibility of financial positions.

Extensible and Accurate

Forecast project purchases and resource demand all in the same application and use that data to support decisions on budget and workforce planning.

Integrated Power BI reports

Turn your financial reporting capability up to 100 with integrated Power BI content that can further enhance decision efficiency through your available data.

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