Mojo Soup Power Platform Insights

If you haven’t been involved in the most recent Microsoft applications that have been taking over the world, let us get you up to speed!

The Power Platform of products that Microsoft offer have been at the front of this recent world take over, and for us here at Mojo Soup, the Power App platform in particular has been generating lots of new and exciting opportunities for our business, our customers and our team.

What is a Power App you may ask? According to Microsoft, a Power App is a low code application that can modernise processes and solve tough challenges…if you ask us we would define it as a low development cost solution that can support, optimise and automate just about any business process.

As Mojo Soup is traditionally referenced as a Project and Portfolio Management (PPM) solution partner, some of you may be surprised that we have been delivering Power Apps for various business process areas that have literally got nothing to do with PPM. Our integrated team approach and diverse backgrounds enable us to tackle just about any problem – here are a few examples:

  1. Property Expenditure Request Power App – built on the Microsoft Dataverse as a model driven Power App, the Mojo Soup team took a well-defined business process, user stories and business rules and developed a Power App that enables multiple users to interact with property leasing data, seek approvals on investments, automated financial modelling, and renew lease and licensing agreements.  This will result in a massively increased throughput for the customer and help them achieve their goals for property leasing.
  2. Incident and Accident Management Power App – built on Microsoft SharePoint with a canvas Power App for the user interface, the Mojo Soup team took the requirements from a manufacturing facility to enable floor staff to identify, record and manage safety incidents and accidents in the workplace, usable on both mobile and desktop devices.
  3. Project Accelerator Power App – taking the enhanced version of the model driven Project Power App from Microsoft, the Mojo Soup team have enhanced that accelerator and delivered a number of tailored solutions to customers with project and portfolio management requirements.  Marketed as a work management platform, this latest Project management application from Microsoft is a great enhancement to its suite of products, and perfect for any organisation starting their maturity journey in the Project management application space.

Aside from the simplified and intuitive user interface, configurability, and low development and licensing costs, you can realise massive benefits and ROI in a very short time, through increased employee productivity and reduced costs of doing business. (Don’t take our word for it, find Gartner and Forrester reports here)

If you would like to find out more, or have some questions around what else Power Apps can do to support your business processes, reach out to Mojo Soup today, we’d love to partner with you on your digital transformation journey.