Our Diverse Capability at Mojo Soup

Written by Kat Lee


As we continue efforts toward our Customer Experience (CX) program and conduct interviews with existing clients to understand their needs, we have unearthed a plethora of valuable insights.


One piece of feedback we’re hearing from our customers is ‘I want to know more about the Mojo Soup team and its capability’. Many of our customers have worked with us across various projects over several years and have become familiar with the Mojo Soup team. However, it’s dawned on us that over the years the capability of our people has expanded tremendously. We need to do more to share how our team has grown.


Hearing feedback from our customers highlighted the need to re-introduce our existing team members and what areas of work they specialise in. Some team members may have started their journey at Mojo Soup working largely in one space but through training courses and project experience gained capability in a whole different sphere of work. Across our team we have a group of talented solution architects, developers, strategic thinkers, reporting specialists, and more. Our diverse group of talent is a huge part of the ‘magic’ at Mojo Soup and what allows us to collaboratively deliver end-to-end solutions by all bringing something different to the table.


We are excited to re-introduce our team through various channels like our monthly newsletter which spotlights a new Mojo Soupian every month or sharing achievements on LinkedIn when someone has received a new certification. The past two years have been challenging, but we commit to staying connected with our customers and always keeping lines of communication open remotely when other factors don’t allow us to meet online.