Power BI Report Performance

Written by James Keane


When designing a report it’s important to think about the performance of the report including:

  • The # of records
  • The # of tables
  • The # of joins
  • The # of reports off the same dataset
  • The # of calculations
  • On Premises Data Gateway is up to date


Each of these areas will impact performance of the report and how long it takes to refresh a report and/or dataset.


There is also a tool in Power BI called the Power BI Performance Analyzer


Use Performance Analyzer to examine report element performance in Power BI Desktop – Power BI | Microsoft Docs


You can access this by selecting View and Performance Analyzer in Power BI.


Any actions you take in the report are displayed and logged in the Performance Analyzer pane, in the order that the visual is loaded by Power BI.


This will analyze the time taken for dax to refresh, visuals to display and other (time required by the visual for preparing queries, waiting for other visuals to complete, or performing other background processing) in ms.


This will help users to gain an insight into how their report functions and why a report or dataset may be functioning incorrectly.