Process Automation Insights

Classic manual process
written by Kat Lee

Automating manual business processes and maturing as an organisation are always good things. However, when we take on the “out with the old, in with the new” mentality, we often forget about the important role that legacy systems, legacy data, and past processes play.

Our customer needed to think about the change management piece of their project, including the conservation and improvement of their legacy data before making future enhancements to their current solution. As the saying goes, automation only leads to accelerated chaos if the organisation is not prepared for it. Once we identified that the project could not progress without further consideration of existing manual processes, we were able to adjust our approach and work with the customer to provide support in the form of roadmaps and training.  This change in approach provided the customer confidence that they have systems in place to get them to where they need to be before continuing on the solution pathway.

At Mojo Soup our approach is to always deliver ‘fit for purpose’ solutions, even it means taking the time to reset goals and expectations to ensure success. Transparency and humility are part of what we do, good partners are who we are.