Project for the Web Checklists

Written by Daniel Monger


One of the more recent releases from Microsoft to aid with low complexity project management planning and execution is Microsoft Planner. A great feature of Microsoft Planner is the ability to add checklist items to a task to ensure the tasks being created are more like a project management milestone or summary task. If you want to know more about Microsoft Planner, then please let us know and we will do a series on this!


With the release of Microsoft Project for the Web, we gained the ability to have project management Gantt charts for projects that are more complex for Microsoft Planner to manage, however, each task required a row in the plan. A new release for Microsoft Project for the Web has brought the checklist feature to tasks in Project for the Web. This will now allow for creating less tasks in a project plan and even help avoiding the 500 tasks per project limit that Project for the Web has.



Screenshot of task checklist



The checklist is accessed from the task details panel. To add a checklist item, click the “Add an item” placeholder text and type the name of the item:



To complete a checklist item, click the circle next to the item:




You can also see the checklist count in the Quick look column as seen below:



This is a really great addition to help manage work.