Re-imagining our workplace

At Mojo Soup, we have been refining our operating model alongside delivery priorities to set ourselves up for the second half of 2020 and into 2021. We have been putting energy towards some key topics that we believe will drive sustainability across our Mojility (culture) and delivery performance.

We have also been re-imagining our workplace and how we think about our office space and our way of work, specifically the balance of working remotely vs working onsite. This has been captured in a fun infographic that we are sharing to promote awareness of how we operate.


  • Sprint planning meeting – Changes will be trialled to enhance the focus on resourcing whilst lifting the detail across projects.
  • Re-imagining our workplace – The infographic provides a view of how we expect to operate going forward – this is a direct result of the quality inputs from our Mojo Soup team that we believe addresses everyone’s preferences in a progressive and flexible way.
  • Social events – making time to connect has never been more important; we are kicking off this string of social events with a team BBQ at Kangaroo Point.
  • Instilling confidence in our teams to speak up, challenge and participate in all things is something we are very passionate about – every team member has a key role at Mojo Soup. We want to encourage transparency and openness through language and respect as we all play a part in Mojility.
  • Doing what we say we will do is the last and final point on the Mojility list – this is critical to our integrity internally as well as when facing our customers. This principle needs to be at the front of our minds when planning out each of our days.

Delivery performance

  • Ensuring our project lessons are captured is important, but more important is learning from our lessons and making changes to avoid mistakes or repeat success again and again.  Work is being done to refine our ‘lessons learned’ approach to make this a part of our DNA.
  • Testing emphasis – ensuring our testing approach is effective will provide assurance to our customers and us that our products and services are delivered well. We are looking to introduce more testing activities in our schedule templates, standardise our testing templates and introduce ‘acceptance testing’ during our project kickoffs to better support our customers.