Analytics and reporting

Everything about business is about data. We have substantial experience with data, big and small, and can help you design, customise, extend and manage your data.

We advise and assist with analytics and reporting, with a focus on helping you capitalise on your existing data assets and aligning your analysis with your business goals.

Executive reporting

Mojo Soup is an implementation partner that will provide you with:

People passionate about making data meaningful with compelling visualisations

Certified professionals in modern business intelligence architectures and solutions

A focus on actionable insights to support decision making

A diverse mix of advisory and technical expertise

A team that is familiar with Enterprise and Government context

A team that is comfortable working both partner and client side inside complex, dynamic organisations

An adaptable delivery model

Integrated services, products and applications


Ingest | Collect data from various sources and transform according to your business rules

Store | Establish a single source of truth

Prepare and train | Promote data quality, identify correlations and define relationships, and train machine learning models

Model and service | Combine data from multiple sources, define metrics, relationships, and security

Visualise and report | Create compelling and actionable visualisations to support decision makers


Modern data warehousing recipes

Recipes ready to roll for managing the end-to-end flow of data from your key source systems into your visualisations and reports

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Visualisation recipes

A full cookbook of configurable portfolio, program, and project status reports ready to integrate

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Mojo Receiver

Provides a platform within SharePoint online to process

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Mojo Reporting

Delivers high definition PDF reports from real time SharePoint data.

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Power BI
Common Data Services
Dynamics 365
Power Apps

Greencollar – Sales origination, project delivery, integration and reporting services

Greencollar has been at the forefront of helping farmers and graziers identify and create commercial opportunities through projects that enhance their productive enterprise.

We provided Greencollar an analytics and reporting solution that included the development of data maturity, data cleansing and multi-source data integration to provide reporting visibility across the sales process and project delivery practices.

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