Steptember team challenge

Ever wondered just how much you can achieve as a team with a little motivation and a shared goal?

Well this September, or as we now call it ‘Steptember’, we challenged ourselves to be active and push each other to record the maximum amount of steps across the month. Whilst there was definitely some fierce competition, the fun and banter generated from the challenge more than made up for the sore feet and new shoe cost!

The results: the 8 team members who participated managed to collectively walk or run more than 2.2 million steps, nearly 1,800 kms, and burned over 150,000 calories.

Some individual stats from the challenge that are also super impressive include:

  1. Most steps in a single day = 24,165
  2. Most distance in a single day = 18.99 kms
  3. Most steps in the month = 377,918
  4. Most distance in the month = 316kms

This challenge was a great way to keep us all connected through something we all love doing: staying active. Well done team!