Sustainability & Doing Our Part

In the wake of recent climate events, we are continually reminded of the impact of climate change and the necessity of every individual to contribute to a better, cleaner future, in whatever ways they can. When it comes to the morning commute, 77% of the Mojo Soup team chooses public transit or zero-emissions options like walking or scootering over driving. This amounts to an estimated 20,300 kg savings in carbon emissions per year. We also support remote days, reducing the overall need to commute. 

There are always small changes that we can enact to make a difference. Through gradual peer pressuring, every one of our team members now owns and uses a keep cup for the daily excursions to the local brewer, resulting in over 3,500 coffee cups saved from landfills per year by our office. A much-frequented local lunch spot now offers Styrofoam-free takeaway packaging, per our continued requests. 

When it becomes embedded into the company culture, people start adopting sustainable practices by example.