The Power of Microsoft Teams

Written by Kat Lee

I used to procrastinate opening my email in the morning, because it meant I needed to dedicate a solid chunk of my day to not only read through emails sent directly to me but also to have a look through all the emails I was forwarded and copied in on. When I started at Mojo Soup and adjusted to the team’s way of work, the days of opening Outlook to dozens of unread emails ended instantly.

Now, instead of starting my day reading, I can start my day actually actioning items. I can check my notifications to quickly see what activity has happened in various Teams channels I am apart of or look to see if I’ve been tagged to review anything. I can open Excel documents or PowerPoint presentations and collaborate with co-workers without ever leaving Teams.

Where I previously forwarded slide decks and documents for review via email, I now can simply tag someone on a document or in a channel or message them in a private chat for review. On top of that, they can make live changes while I stay in the document, removing the back and forth of versioning. The sheer amount of time I have saved after fully transitioning to Teams is unreal.

Using Microsoft Teams as our primary platform for collaboration has changed how I think about workplace communication. Once formal emails have now turned into a simple message, comment, or tag encapsulated in one single area – Teams.

I don’t think I ever thought I would be so passionate about a collaboration and teamworking platform, but Teams has truly transformed my workdays. If you’d like to see how we at Mojo Soup use teams for our way of work, get in touch for a demo!