What attracts new team members to the Mojo Soup kitchen?

newest Mojo Soupian

Here at Mojo Soup, we do our best to recruit people (Mojo Soupians) in a way that allows our personalities, goals and alignment on values to take a front seat. We aim to be informal as possible, whilst being direct around expectations we require for a given role.  Recently Sumesh Dayaram joined the team and was kind enough to share his recruitment experience which we are proud to share with the world (thanks Sumesh!)…read on:

written by Sumesh Dayaram

When looking for a new job I used LinkedIn and Seek to find a new venture.  I found that the advert by Mojo Soup on LinkedIn stood out for me personally by the way the role was described, and the way the company presented online. I was looking for a place to work that was aligned to my expertise, and it was clear the interests of Mojo Soup and myself aligned.

The first interview was great, it was held over Microsoft Teams and I was able to have a robust discussion with David Lockie and Ben Chambers about who I am and what type of work I had been doing. I loved that I could initially do this on a virtual platform because I felt comfortable in my home environment and it took away a some nerves you normally get when meeting someone face to face, especially a potential employer where a job is at stake! The discussion went well and a follow up face to face interview was scheduled.

The face to face interview was great as it was a social chat and an introduction to Tony Gray.  The feeling of comfort I felt when meeting my potential employers extended to this meeting as I really felt I could be honest and let my guard down to show them who I truly am and vice versa. This was really good as the feeling of transparency and trust could be established at a very early stage. They were also very understanding about my personal job search and allowed me the time to make a considered decision.

All the factors I described such as transparency, trust, comfort and understanding really solidified that Mojo Soup stood head and shoulders above the rest of the companies I was speaking to, and I knew it was the place I wanted to take the next step in my career.