What’s in store for FY20/21?

As we at Mojo Soup ask ourselves what’s in store for the second half of 2020 and beyond, we want to ensure that our answer is always customer-focused. Our customers drive us to continue adapting and innovating in order to deliver on promises and exceed expectations. However, in order to succeed, we must be mindful of how the economy, budgets, and projects have inevitably changed due to COVID-19. Using well-designed reports, we can better forecast what next steps are feasible for our customers financially, what customers have capacity to achieve, and whether or not current solutions are still applicable in this new environment.

While we can lean on data to tell a story about how our customers are performing and where they need us to help, as always our customers themselves are ultimately going to be the best source of knowledge. That being said, we want to ask you how you will adapt to changes amidst COVID-19, what ways of working you find valuable currently, and what are your focus areas for the second half of 2020? We’ve put together a brief survey that we’d be grateful if you could fill out…


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